Positive Pointers for Those In Pain from our ChronicPainSite members

1. Count all the positives (blessings, thankfulness, how God has worked in your life)
2. Always, always, always, Get a relationship with a doctor going
3. Be blunt with your doctor about how the pain/illness is affecting your life
4. Exercise---in whatever way you can
5. Have your Vitamin D and B12 levels checked and if low take supplements
6. Do something to help someone else
7. Recognise the hard parts - this helps sort things out
8. Don't push things too far - it can only get worse
9. Waking up in a state of despair will pass - it doesn't have to wreck the whole day
10.Get at least a couple of deep breaths of fresh air everyday
11.Have a good cry if you need one
12.Pet an animal
13.Put a medicinic tanned sheepskin in your bed
14.Sing, or play an instrument---the vibrations help
15.Talk to somebody who knows what pain is
16.Keep yourself warm
17.Record three positives each day in a diary
18.Have a favorite place to lie down/sit down or to just change position
19.Rest/sleep when you can as sleep can be affected greatly by pain
20.Keep a heating pad/heated throw in bed with you for times when you wake up in pain
21.Never, ever feel guilty for having to say "NO"
22.Around 2.00 pm our body-clocks do a dive - take a break then if possible
23.Make up some jingles or chant
24.Think positive when it feels like nothing is going right or when the pain is really bad.
25.Take care of a child when you feel up to it.

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