CPS Members list of the 65 worst things people say to us about Chronic Pain

Oh, are you all better now?
How are you?
You still have a headache........really??
You need to toughen up and live with it.
You've still got back pain? For goodness sake put it all behind you
What do you do all day?
Iím putting you in the pain program, itís all day 5 days a week for 6 weeks
What have you got planned for the weekend?
You look good you must be feeling better.
It could be worse
Does it really hurt all the time?
Stop thinking about your pain so much, you're just making it worse.
It's all in your mind
What do you mean you can't go?
A good nightís sleep and youíll be back to normal.
You sleep too much.
Youíre up early (havenít slept yet)
If you would just exercise the pain would go away.
You let yourself go and didn't exercise and that's why your back is sore.
You need to stay off your feet more.
Why can't you stand in line? Itís only going to be 10 or 15 minutes.
I do exercises every morning and I never have back problems
Well you're addicted to those drugs.
Just take a couple Tylenol and get over it.
You can't go on taking morphine every day!!
Can you take 3 aspirin instead of just two?
Don't you think it is a bit early to be drinking? ( Donít drink)
Are You Not A Junkie Yet?
Phone counselor on suicide line ďno one likes drug addictsĒ

How can you take ALL of that medicine? I don't know how you can do that to yourself.
We can't fill that script today you still have 6 tablets left, come back when you've run out.
Is it really that bad?
Oh - you poor thing!!
You're doing everything you should so I don't know why you're still in pain
Dr to Patient when you can hardly stand, "Would you please show me how long
you can stand on one leg?"
It can't be that bad you're smiling!
Oh, Really? You look pretty happy for someone in pain
You sit here playing bingo-- how can you sit there when you claim you're in pain?
My bones ache, too, and I'm the one who is working 8 hours a day
What have you got to be in pain over...you didn't do anything all day
Sorry we cant help you today.....come again tomorrow....
I've got a new exercise I'd like you to try.
From a chiropractor...."the worst spine i've ever seen''...
Your scan results don't tell me that anything like that could be happening
Well what ever's wrong you must have deserved it if it's that bad
Well your knee clunks and clicks BUT it shouldn't be doing that as the scan was normal
Are you sure you're not just making this up?
I think you just want the attention
Are you drunk?
Gee you're getting cranky these days.
Why don't you take some more pain killers.
I thought you might be better today
What are we going to do with you?
I don't understand how you can't sit or stand for very long, how can that possibly cause pain
"Maybe if you woke up in the morning and didn't think about the pain you
could make it through the day without medication."
"Can't you find a job sitting down all day?"
You are so lucky having those crutches
"Life's not worth living if you can't go out"
"You've got no quality of life if you're in pain all the time"
"You sure do walk funny. Do you notice how crooked your back is?"
"You're lucky you have a pretty face, otherwise no one would put up with all your pain."
"Oh I see you are out shopping, you must be getting better".
You know, I hurt my back skiing 2 months ago. Physical therapy did wonders, but it sure did hurt. You tried it yet?
You're back at work! I'm glad you're well again.
It can't be that painful since you make it to work every day and you aren't in pain here.

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