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Effective September 1, the will be closing it's doors.
We've had a good 10 year run and have helped many people.
We will keep the info up for reference and to help people who stop by, but no posting will be possible.

Enough Already!

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Joined: Apr/27/2018
Posts: 3
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    Posted: Apr/28/2018 at 10:23am
I posted this under welcome. I'll repost here and add to it.

Thanks for the welcome.  :)  Unfortunately, I have abt 30 years experience on this topic.

I am a moderator on my hobby board. This morning, it occurred to me that I really need a CP pain board. I have great support at home, but sometimes even I get sick of my complaining. So, I thought I would give DH a break and do some commiserating here.

I have Psoriatic Arthritis (like RA), several bad lower discs, sacroillitis, terrible hip pain and bursitis. I also have a rare and painful form of psoriasis called palmo plantar pustulosis psoriasis. My feet are often the consistency of hamburger to the point that I can't walk. I have plenty of pain to go around.

Glad to be here and to have found a place where people can understand.

My Name:  Just call me enoughalready or enough


Occupation: lapidary artist


Marital Status: insanely happily married                         


Children: 3


Grandchildren: 3


Born: in Fla


Resident of: Va


Pets:  1 cat named Cat


Interests: lapidary arts and jewelry


Favorite Color:  purple


Favorite Movie:Blade Runner


Places I have traveled to: Most of the continental US plus Canada and Mexico


Vacation Plans: headed for the mountains in July


Surgeries: I had a partial hysterectomy in 2000 that was SUPPOSED to cure my chronic back pain. It didn't, of course. So much for trusting doctors. I would rather have kept my uterus. Back surgery was recommended and declined.

I ordered some new furniture and I am redoing my bedroom and living room. This project has taught me just how much more worse my pain and immobility has gotten. Thankfully, I have a husband, grown son and grandson to help me with even the smallest tasks. It has been a 30 year slow march to get here, but I have to finally admit that I am incapable of too many things. The worse part of it, besides the nausea inducing pain, has been the feeling of complete worthlessness.

I used to get extra strength percocet from my dr, but he is no longer practicing medicine. The medical board and the dea shut him down for prescribing "too many" pain meds. I had a discussion with him about that. He was very strongly against not being able to treat his patients the way he saw fit. He resented the gov involvement. He stuck a big middle at them and they came after him. I saw him for 15 years. I was never addicted to anything. When I had excruciating pain, like when the skin on my feet literally melted off due to a reaction to medicine, I was able to take an appropriate pain med. I have a myriad of painful conditions, briefly touched upon above. There are times where I am curled up in a ball with debilitating pain along with the accompanying painful nausea. Since I was a kid, my reaction to extreme pain has been nausea. I have to admit, that sometimes I a thankful for it because it takes my mind off my back, feet or hips.

I have a lapidary hobby that keeps me sane. Thankfully, (I have a lot to be thankful for) most of it can be done from my trusty chair. It keeps me sane and gives me something to do. Simple things like folding laundry and doing dishes are so painful that I no longer do them. My family are awesome! My psoriatic arthritis has so far mercifully spared my hands for the most part. Though I do have some nerve damage from CTS. I used to be a glass blower, but I had to leave it due to the pain in my back and hips.

I also  suffer from bi polar and adult ADD. I don't mind admitting that. I have been bi polar since puberty and have really struggled with it. My dr put me on the right course for it. He has saved my life in so many ways and I am terrified about finding a new dr. I have an appt with a new doc, but have not yet met her. I am hoping for the best, but I know I will no longer be able to get pain meds. Even with the mood stabilizer, I have periods of depression due to pain as I'm sure many of you do, too. It is not a happy position to be in.

Right now, as I am typing, I am taking one of the many breaks I need to do a few things on the living room project. I am so happy to get a reclining sofa! My back will thank me over and over! I'm at the point where I need to start making some adjustments in my environment. It's taken a long time, but I am finally admitting to myself that I am handicapped. Cry

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Admin Group
Admin Group
I Donated to CPS

Joined: Jun/01/2008
Location: Arizona
Posts: 27317
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Hi Enough and thank you for your post which helps us to get to know you better!!

What you’ve described fits so many of us despite our vast reasons for living with chronic pain for so long. I’m glad you are fixing your home in order to be more comfortable. I found years ago that I can’t do without my relax the back chair. It was an investment well worth making. I also know the frustration of everything taking so much longer to do. We just moved last week into a smaller and safer home for our “family “ of three adults, all with significant health issues. This is my last move——and the process of getting it unpacked and put together has been daunting.

Your Drs experience with him being notified of overprescribing narcotics is one that most of us have heard only too often. It’s the main reason why I recently stopped all opioids which I have found really weren’t helping my pain very much. I was finding that the small doses I was taking were wearing off faster and faster which compounded the pain even more. In my case, I live in a State where medical marijuana is legal and I now use it in topicals, edibles, tinctures and vaping. I’m currently using high quality CBD products which help with pain without any psychoactive effects. At night I use Indica which is calming and sedating and is amazing for sleep.

I believe that your State has passed a bill—-HB 1251, which allows people with serious conditions such as yours to obtain high potency CBD. I could be wrong, but if you haven’t tried it, please talk to your Dr about it. I understand that you need to be super careful with your bipolar and ADD disorders. MMJ doesn’t take the pain completely away, but IMO it works as well if not better than narcotics and is helping many others get off the opioids or allowing them to get by on current doses without having to increase them.

Anyhow, this is just a suggestion as we know all too well the atmosphere we are facing regarding the so called “opioid epidemic “. It also may really help you with the nausea.

Again, welcome here with us:)

Please donate to help continue to help others.

My journey with chronic pain began over 30 years ago, while as a young nurse working spinal rehab, I injured my back lifting a patient. I am now fused from L2-S1. I have multiple thoracic and cervical issues. I'm a retired RN/PA and I know and understand the frustrations on both ends of the treatment spectrum of dealing with CP. It's been my goal since 2008, when we started this site, to reach out and help as many people in pain as possible. We will continue the fight as long as we can. Please, if you can help us continue to help you and others, donate. Thank you.
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Joined: Apr/27/2018
Posts: 3
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Thanks! I have smoked pot and it only aggravated my pain. But, I have never had oil or what not. I believe that in my state, it is legal to have, but not to buy. I have zero clue how to buy it. Close by, in DC, you can kinda sorta buy with a wink and a nod, but I won't be venturing there to do it.

My new dr is an osteopath, perhaps she can tell me more about it when I see her.

I hear so many first hand stories about people no longer getting the pain meds they need. I was lucky because I was prescribed extra strength percocet, so I could break them in half. I never got stoned on them. They, along with naproxen, took the edge off. I never relished the idea of becoming addicted or acclimated to opioids. My doc was great. I was a concierge patient and had hour long appts. He completely schooled me in how to avoid addiction.

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